i i would download your 4 blank canvases but it's the same link for all please can you redownloading them thank you

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thanks for letting me know, links have been updated and should hopefully now be correct, thanks again!

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pixelatedwonderland Hi there! Sorry this is slightly later than I planned ._. This is the sim so far, let me know how you feel about her, anything you want me to change for you  etc :)

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Lemongrass Palm Tree for apoolofcolour!

You requested a male berry a while ago, and I thought I’d cheat and make him your birthday present ;)

So here he is! I felt like making an island/surfer themed guy anyway…Lemongrass loves the ocean (and every activity that involves the ocean). He was born on a houseboat and raised to be a friendly, happy guy like the other island people. Later in life he started to be rebellious though. He’s one of those who always want to be cool, but…they aren’t. They just think they’re better…and interesting and everything. Whatever. Poor Lemmy plays out his illusions.

I used IP, SPN and UL content, also a tattoo which means (I think) you need Ambitions…Skin is EA too.

His top is from the store, I included it tho.

And because he’s for you, I don’t think I need to write all this TOU stuff here. You know.

DL is private, as requested. I’ll send you the link! Have fun hun ♥

❤️❤️ I love him! ❤️❤️

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Earlier this year, I asked you who your favorite Taffetas were! 

You overwhelmingly picked Honeysuckle as your favorite female Taffeta! Honeysuckle was the first-born child of generation four. Armed with ambition, a sense of pride in her heritage, and a witty comeback or two, we watched this little fairy as she went from snuggling her teddy bear to snuggling up with Nebula Clove Blush in the Blush Legacy.

Fun Fact: Honeysuckle’s teddy bear remained in Meadow’s inventory from the time Honeysuckle moved out to go to University and is still in the Taffeta household to this day.

Atlantis Fern and Glacier Chambray tied for your favorite male Taffeta! Atlantis was first given to me by apoolofcolour as a Sim for my adoption challenge (which did not last long due to computer issues). I fell in love with his quirky personality, rockin’ dance moves, and love for art right away, and knew he was just the person to marry into the Taffeta legacy! Glacier Chambray was made for me by berrybobs in exchange for Honeysuckle. The bad boy with an interesting sense of humor caught our attention immediately, making Glacier a fan favorite from the first time he dared to call Meadow ‘princess’.

Fun Fact: Atlantis was the first male Taffeta to meet any of his grandchildren in game! He met Algae when he was a toddler and gifted him his familiar, Popsicle.

Fun Fact: Despite his skeptical outlook on Supernaturals, Glacier risked his life to protect his wife and her all-Supernatural family as they escaped from Esther.

I’m glad everyone likes him so much, he’s one of my favourite sims that I’ve ever made ;^; glad he got to be a taffeta :’)

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Request A Sim


Send me a message :D

3.occult(if any)
4.Berry or vanilla
5. colors (may include hex codes or palettes)
6. personality
7. cc?
8. what eps and sps do youhave ( I own all)

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Still one of my favourites <3

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Oleander quickly made his way to the art rooms, praying his face was no longer as flushed as before. he pushed open the door, sliding into the room. There was Mango, Atlantis and the girl from previously.

“Uh hey guys.” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. Mango gave a quick wave before carrying on with his painting. Atlantis was busy too, in the corner with a canvas and a few paints.

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Why are you so perfect (for me xD)?

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I’m definitely not perfect, so that question can’t be answered XD


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Reblog if you want a “Why are you so…” in your ask;



Heh - this could be fun or dangerous.

Go for it.

You could also ask my sims Idk

Sims or me, your choice :) ask away :D

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Quaintcoast: a Berry Sweet save file of Pleyita’s gorgeous world, which is required for this save and you can download it here! All credit goes to Pleyita for creating the world, all I did was build some houses etc.

The save includes fully furnished berry sweet homes for your Townies and small rabbit holes so you can send your Sim into the tiny abyss. It also has a festival lot, if you don’t have seasons I’m sure it’ll just become a park again. Please do not reupload this because it’s literally taken me hours and I’ll drown you in my tears.

I am patched to 1.67 and if memory serves I included items from the following EPs:
Ambitions, Generations, Town life, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, Uni Life and Island Paradise. To be honest, if you’re missing an EP on this list, I’m 90% sure it won’t look drastically different, the game will just re-generate stuff.

Required CC:
All four doors
Rabbit Hole Rugs
Saturated Slate Roof (black slate)
Soft Walls II and III (I have the package file version)

Download save file here

Happy Simming :)

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